Photo of the day- Milford Sound, New Zealand

Debra Corbeil and Dave Bouskill are known as Canada’s Adventure Couple and have immersed themselves into the culture of 45 nations during their travels for 13 years as they they have climbed, paddled, hiked and biked their way through 5 continents. Today’s photo Dave took in New Zealand. In his words:

New Zealand has some incredible scenery. Mountains and lakes to die for and seascapes that are out of this world. But there is another side to New Zealand, which is the tropical jungle. On our way to Milford Sound there are many walks and tracks that offer gorgeous scenery like this.

At the bottom this particular one was a rushing glacial river that wound its way through the countryside. The sun was perfect as it backlit the trees and ignited the mist rising from the roaring river.

The sound of the river, the smell of the jungle and the warmth of the sun combined to give the sense of being in another world. Possibly Middle Earth?

This is our first trip to New Zealand but certainly not our last

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