Hotel Madness: No free Wi-Fi vs. Annoying hotel TV channel

Hotel Madness debuts with an intriguing first round match-up. Dominant #1 seed No free Wi-Fi takes on scrappy underdog Annoying hotel TV channel. The lack of free Wi-Fi is a newer peeve but it has quickly risen to prominence as it perturbs travelers around the world. Meanwhile, the annoying TV channel has been around for years and, while it doesn’t take any cash out of your wallet, it makes your leisure time in the room downright irritating.

Read the bios of both of these Hotel Madness competitors below and then vote for one to continue on to the next round as we seek to crown a champion.

(1) No Free WiFi
Whether you’re on the road for work or pleasure, odds are you’ve brought some kind of internet machine with you. From laptops to iPads to Android phones, the number of devices that join us on trips is increasing and they all benefit from internet connectivity. Hotels know this and, rather than build up some good will with guests, they exploit it. Need to send that updated report to your boss, upload pictures to your blog or watch some streaming movies to avoid touching your TV remote? Well, you’re going to have to pay $14.95 a day for WiFi and it’s going to be a crappy connection.

(16) Annoying Hotel TV Channel
If you can figure out out how to turn on the television, odds are it will default to a channel telling you fun facts about your hotel and the local area. The volume will be louder than a jet engine and you’ll be asked to navigate a series of menus before you can actually browse through the real stations. Thankfully, you’ll see plenty of photographs of people eating at the breakfast buffet while a voice actor tells you about the hotel’s “world-class cuisine.”

So, what annoys you more: paying for internet access or navigating your television away from the obnoxious hotel channel? Vote now!


First round voting ends at 11:59EDT on Sunday, March 20.

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