The Vegas Box – what happens in Vegas can finally stay in Vegas

If you are a regular visitor to Las Vegas, you’ll probably have a list of items you pack, unpack and repack every time you visit.

The Vegas Box is a new product designed to store those products and keep them in safe storage at a local climate controlled facility. The process is simple – you sign up for $99 and will get your Vegas Box delivered to your hotel. Then, when you are ready to leave, you arrange for the box to be picked up, packed full of all the items you don’t want to carry home.

Then, next time you return to Vegas, you contact the folks behind the service and have them deliver your box back to your hotel. Less stuff in your bags means less bulky luggage and no excess or checked bag fees.

At first the service seemed quite insane – but the more I think about it, the more brilliant it seems. Sadly, I don’t get to visit Vegas quite enough, and I’m not enough of a high roller for the Casino Manager to store my stuff for me, but I know several people that make monthly trips to Vegas who could really benefit from this.

The box costs $99/year with 2 deliveries. Additional deliveries are $20 (which includes a pickup as well). To learn more about the service, or to sign up for your own Vegas Box, check out their web site.