Parahawking = man + bird + awesome

Nepal is a land of many fantastic things. Majestic Himalayan ranges pierce the heavens, the gracious Nepalese share their vibrant culture with Annapurna trekkers, and tigers hunt undisturbed in the swaying reeds of the Chitwan lowlands.

Also, in Pokhara, you can take to the sky with a trusty Egyptian Vulture named Kevin (or Bob), who will expertly guide you through the thermals above the gorgeous valley below. This is parahawking – the marriage of falconry and paragliding. The video above depicts humans in varying degrees of parahawking euphoria, gliding through the Nepalese skies with their trusty bird of prey copilots.

An innovator by the name of Scott Mason had a peanut butter and jellyesque moment of ingenuity while visiting Pokhara, Nepal almost ten years ago. As the inventor of parahawking, he spliced elements of falconry and paragliding to create the new hybrid sport. Parahawking has since gained international exposure and is even spreading to Europe. Starting in May of this year, parahawking operations will begin in Alicante, Spain. Scott is a bird of prey advocate and runs Himalayan Raptor Rescue.

Parahawking season in Pokhara, Nepal lasts from November through March. In Alicante, Spain, the season runs from May to October. For all information about parahawking in Spain or Nepal check out this website.