Southwest Airlines pilot saves the day – turns screaming boy into honorary pilot

We all know that flying has its challenges – and most of us know that flying when trapped inside the metal tube with a screaming kid only helps make things worse. That was the prospect facing passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight from Houston to San Antonio earlier this week.

When Captain Joe Gautille was preparing for his flight, he heard the screams of three year old Alex coming down the jet bridge.

At many other airlines, he would have ignored it and finished his work, but the captain on this flight walked back to Alex and his parents and invited the kid to visit the cockpit. Apparently, little Alex was scared to fly as his incoming flight had been very rocky due to some turbulence.

After a couple of minutes up front (with the captains hat on), Alex was completely relaxed – and the passengers could fly to San Antonio without having to endure a screaming kid (at least not this one).

We’ve seen more stories like this in the past from Southwest Airlines — something about their proactive attitude and friendly actions just seems to bring out the best in people.

You’ll find the entire story over at the Southwest Airlines blog – Nuts About Southwest.

[Photo: Southwest Airlines Blog/Captain Joe Gautille]