Daily gear deals: $50 iPhone speaker dock, $12 smartphone battery pack and more

Here are Gadling’s hottest daily gear deals for today, Monday March 28, 2011. Remember, these deals are often valid for just one day, so act fast before they are gone.

Today’s first deal is perfect if you want to bring some music on the road with you this summer. The Altec Lansing IMT320 iPhone/iPod dock runs off AC power or batteries. On sale for $49.99, click here for this deal.

Next up is a Philips iPhone/iPod Touch battery pack with build in sync connector. This neat battery pack attaches to your device using suction cups. On sale for $11.99 at Thingfling.com.

Today’s third deal is for another battery pack – this Kensington pack works on any smartphone or other device with Mini USB or Micro USB connectors. The charging plugs are built into this pack, as is its own recharge plug. With this, you’ll always have some backup power with you. On sale for $12.65, click here for this deal.

And finally in today’s lineup is a key chain video camera. This can of course be used for less-than-honest purposes, but it’ll also make a fun gadget for kids, or as a way to record something you’d not normally be able to capture with a regular camera. On sale for $9.99, click here for this deal.