Hotel Madness Championship: No free Wi-Fi vs. Bad water pressure

What a wild ride it’s been on our way to this exciting – and somewhat unexpected – Hotel Madness championship round. We’ve seen upsets, blowouts, tons of feedback on Twitter and an outpouring of responses from all of you letting us know what bothers you the most at hotels. That’s all led us to this: the finals. No free Wi-Fi has proven why it’s the #1 seed by dominating it’s third straight opponent. Meanwhile, much like VCU and Butler in the NCAA basketball tournament, Bad water pressure has shown that low seeds can ride a wave of momentum and play with the bog boys. Our #7 seed has quietly made its way through the tournament and shown that it truly does annoy travelers.

This is what the last few weeks were all about. Letting all of you speak out and let us – and hotels – know what drives you crazy. It’s now time to crown our champion. Below is the final poll of Hotel Madness. Choose wisely. Only one hotel pet peeve can be the champion and live in ignominy forever. So, get to it and vote!People really seem to have accepted free internet access as a right. It has received the most votes of any tournament contender. Perhaps that’s because hotels don’t just charge a nominal fee for Wi-Fi, they charge an arm and a leg. But, is it worthy of being the Hotel Madness #1 nuisance?

Bad water pressure is our surprise finalist. It was the only Final Four contestant that had nothing to do with added fees. It truly embodies what this tournament is all about: pet peeves. It won’t lighten your wallet, but it will put a damper on any trip and make you resent whatever amount of money you did pay for your room.

Let’s pick our champion!

#1 No free Wi-fi vs. #7 Bad water pressure