Hotel Madness: No Free Wi-Fi wins!

After weeks of competition, thousands of votes and tons of ranting and raving on Twitter, all of you have made it abundantly clear that you hate paying for internet access at hotels. No free Wi-Fi dominated every round of the Hotel Madness tournament on its way to winning the championship. No hotel pet peeve so thoroughly and completely annoyed our readers like having to pay for Wi-Fi. Bad water pressure should be proud to have made it to the finals, but it was no match for Hotel Madness’ own 800-pound gorilla. In a sea of added fees, poor service, thin toilet paper and, yes, bad water pressure, all people truly seem to want is to connect to the web – and the world – for free.

More than 8,000 votes were cast over the course of the Hotel Madness tournament. Thank you all so much for participating and for sharing your opinions. There were upsets, blowouts, nail-biters and some fantastic conversations. In the end, our #1 seed proved why it was the pre-tournament favorite. Paying for Wi-Fi was the most tweeted peeve when I first asked my followers to share what bothered them most at hotels. In fact, even though I asked everyone to name things that bothered them other than paying for internet access, people still shared their disdain for that expense.

So, there you have it. Your 2011 Hotel Madness champion is No free Wi-Fi. Thanks for an exciting tournament!

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#1 No free Wi-Fi vs. #16 Annoying hotel TV channel
#2 Bad front desk service vs. #15 Everything about TV remotes
#4 Resort fees vs. #13 Early housekeeping visits
#5 No airport shuttle vs. #12 One-ply toilet paper
#6 No free breakfast vs. #11 Expensive minibars
#7 Bad water pressure vs. #10 Small towels
#8 Room not ready on time vs. #9 Early checkout times

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