Ten offbeat travel tips to “beautify” your experience

Debbi Kickham, former editor at Robb Report and a 25 year industry veteran, boasts hundreds of thousands of airline miles to her name. While we’re not big on books simply because they have big name behind them, we have to admit – we’re intrigued by some of her offbeat travel tips.

Kickham offers ten of her favorite travel tips – including some that we never would have thought of (where do you even buy Rollerblade wheels?). Check them out:

  • Bring a hot-water bottle. One of Debbi’s interviewees confessed to bringing a hot-water bottle, which she filled on the plane, in order to stay warm and cozy while sailing through the skies.
  • Replace your luggage wheels with Rollerblade wheels. A flight attendant gave Debbi this extraordinary tip. She says this technique, which takes about five minutes, will have your luggage practically rolling itself.
  • Stash a rolling pin in your checked luggage. That’s right – the same rolling pin used to make pastry. One road warrior takes a rolling pin so she can roll out the kinks in her legs.

  • Pack a pool thermometer. Want to swim at your destination’s pool? What if it’s too cold? One travel writer “checks in and checks out the pool” the minute she arrives. If the temperature is too cold, they ask management to raise it to about 80 degrees, so they can swim comfortably.
  • Jumprope in your room – without the jumprope. This is Debbi’s age-old technique, which she has used everywhere from Walla Walla to Bora Bora. When she wants to exercise, a gym isn’t available, and she wants to do aerobics, she simply goes through the motions.
  • Carry on your own air purifier. A cruise-ship professional confessed that she wears a personal air filter on the plane, to make the atmosphere more healthy.
  • Ice your face. If you really want moisturizer and serums to sink into your skin, take the advice of one travel editor: ice your face for a few minutes first. Her dermatologist gave her this great advice!
  • Bring a blow-up ball. One fitness enthusiast who travels frequently always packs a blow-up ball so she can do more effective stomach crunches.
  • Add Vitamin C powder to your water. Want a more effective beauty product? Add Vitamin C powder to water, to make a terrific tonic. Or add it to your moisturizer, to get better results and an antioxidant blast.
  • Bring your own salad dressing to restaurants. Why bother with fattening dressings around the world, when you want to watch your weight?

What do you think? Do you think these tips are great or should some be left at home?