Travelers return to Egypt, slowly

Two months after Egypt defined what political unrest can do to travel, a new Egypt wants travelers back. Earlier this month, with a bright democratic future in the works, Egypt announced a travel recovery plan in the tourism-dependent country. As concerns that a safety-busting flare up of unrest could recur subside, tourists begin to trickle in.

Egypt’s revolution scared away millions of foreign tourists, critical to the nation’s economy, but a few land tour operators have resumed operations. Those that have are offering reduced rates reports USA Today.

Princess Cruises is heading back to Egypt. The line announced this week a return to Egyptian ports on all itineraries where they were previously removed.

“The situation in Egypt has calmed considerably since wide-spread protests earlier this year, and the tourist areas aren’t currently being affected,” said Jan Swartz, Princess Cruises executive vice president. “So we’re pleased to tell passengers they can once again plan to experience this country’s iconic pyramids and other ancient wonders”

In February due to political unrest, Princess modified itineraries for 18 sailings scheduled to call in Egypt through November. The cruises aboard Star Princess, Dawn Princess, Ocean Princess and Pacific Princess have now returned to their originally published itineraries.

Princess’ first Egypt call is scheduled for May 15.

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