Guests named Kimberly score a gratis robe at The Kimberly Hotel

kimberly hotel, hotel bathrobesIf your name were Kimberly, wouldn’t you want to stay a hotel that appreciates the great name you have? The Kimberly Hotel, nestled in the heart of Midtown Manhattan on 50th and 3rd, welcomes all Kimberly’s to by giving them a special gift – a complimentary Frette linen robe to take home.

See, being born in the 80s has its perks! The name is currently the 57th most popular in the United States, according to, so it seems like quite a few guests will be able to score this promotion.

Just a quick tip – if your name isn’t Kimberly – don’t try to steal the robe. Some hotels have inserted tracking devices in the linens to thwart thievery.