Los Cabos becomes Mexico’s first destination for global entry and pre-clearance programs

Later this month, Los Cabos will become the first area in Mexico to offer Global Entry kiosks for international travelers arriving at the San Jose del Cabo International Airport (SJD).

Beginning on May 24, Global Entry kiosks will be stationed within the airport to allow pre-approved, low-risk travelers to avoid standing in line and proceed directly to the kiosk for expedited clearance upon arrival to Los Cabos. Additionally, Los Cabos is in the final stages of government approval to become the first destination in Mexico to offer border pre-clearance, which will provide added convenience for travelers upon arrival as well as departure. In the case of the latter, U.S. Customs Agents will be stationed at SJD to provide streamlined border and Customs procedures, significantly reducing the amount of time required to clear customs upon re-entry to the U.S. This new service, beginning later this year if approved, will also enhance ease of travel and expediency from regional gateways, where airports may not be equipped to process Customs directly.

“Los Cabos is proud to pioneer these exciting U.S. Customs and Border Protection programs in Mexico for international travelers,” said Gonzalo Franyutti, President of the Los Cabos Convention & Visitors Bureau. “The establishment of Global Entry kiosks at SJD confirms that Los Cabos is one of the most desirable tourism destinations in the world.”

Although this program is intended for frequent travelers, there is no minimum number of trips necessary to qualify.

While we’re thrilled to see it become faster and easier to visit one of our favorite vacation destinations, we can’t help but wonder if this is a good idea, given the violence in other areas of the country. Could making it easier for travelers to enter and exit Los Cabos open this heretofore safe area to problems? We surely hope not.

[Flickr via Brenda Blue]