Don’t know what to do this weekend? Let the Goby mobile app help you out!

Finding things to do is pretty simple if you are in your hometown, but if you arrive in a new destination and want to find something to do, eat or drink, you are often completely on your own. One of the newest ways to take care of this problem is the Goby mobile app. Goby has been on the web for some time now, helping you find fun things to do, but their new mobile apps take that knowledge onto your mobile device.

The app is free of charge, and is available for the iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices. Once you’ve selected your current location (or hand-picked a location), you can browse over 350 different categories of things to do — and each entry has a fantastic amount of information. Entries include reviews, the neighborhood, maps and more. Every city town and region of the U.S. is included, and once you find something fun, you can share it via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Download links for the various devices can be found here.