Snack Food Fails: Weird food names around the world

The first time I went to a grocery store in Ecuador, all the food was distressingly unfamiliar. Milk was sold in bags, eggs weren’t refrigerated, the cheese looked like butter, there were weird spiky fruits I’d never seen, and everything else was in a language I barely understood. As I walked around picking up imported, English-language brands that were familiar – Oreos, JIF peanut butter, and a $5 box of Kraft mac & cheese – I saw a salsa label that made me laugh out loud.

In huge letters across the box the label read ‘SNOB.’ How on earth did marketers allow that brand name make it onto the shelves? The fact that nobody took the time to look up the word’s meaning in other languages baffled me, especially after so many other famous marketing goofs have come to light. That is, until I took a look around the Internet and saw the same thing happening in all corners of the world.


Click through the gallery above to see other snack food fails from around the world. And if you’ve seen others during your travels, share them below or send the pictures to zaymedia [at] gmail [dot] com for round two (don’t forget to mention where you spotted the package).

[Image courtesy OBiTran / flickr]