Expat Workforce matches expats and employers

Are you an expat? Do you need a job or could you benefit from having a second gig? We found a matchmaking website that might be able to help. A new job board called Expat Workforce is connecting businesses who outsource work to English speakers living abroad. And it’s absolutely free for expats.

As an expat, all you have to do is register and post a profile – which includes your location, availability, skills and education/work background – and then you are able to browse jobs. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes, so it can’t hurt to throw up your information if you’re on the hunt for a job. You can also follow the job posting updates on Twitter.

Expat Workforce is the brainchild of former expats. The website is still a brand new concept, so right now they are recruiting expats to submit profiles and promise they will “begin promoting aggressively” to businesses in the coming months. There are no success stories yet, but since it’s the only site of its kind we wanted to spread the word to all our expat friends.

[Screenshot courtesy Expat Workforce.]