ANA’s 787 Dreamliner Interior Revealed

Boeing has unveiled interior designs for its 787 Dreamliner at the Paris Air Show earlier this week, and we must admit, we’re intrigued. There’s a WINDOW in the bathroom!

The 787-8 will sit 210 to 250 passengers, have a 7,650 to 8,200 nautical mile flying range, and an array of high tech enhancements. The 787-9 will seat 250 to 290 and have a range of 8,000 to 8,500 NMI.

In addition to bringing big-jet ranges to mid-size airplanes, the 787 will provide airlines with unmatched fuel efficiency, resulting in exceptional environmental performance. The airplane will use 20 percent less fuel for comparable missions than today’s similarly sized airplane. It will also travel at speeds similar to today’s fastest wide bodies, Mach 0.85. Airlines will enjoy more cargo revenue capacity.

In the cabin space, the 787 will have larger windows with an adjustable tint, more spacious overhead storage (images show four bags fitting comfortably), and large, lay-flat beds in First and Business classes. Economy will feature a 2-4-2 design and reclining seats. To improve overall comfort in flights, the airplane will employ improved air filtration system, higher humidity levels (to prevent dehydration), a lower cabin altitude (ensuring a more comfortable flight) and design innovations to ensure a less bumpy ride and quieter in-cabin experience.

Find more about the technical specifications of the 787 Dreamliner here.

In more news from Boeing, the company also announced that they will move the flight attendant call button, eliminating hassles for the crew and travelers alike.