Incredible video: Thousands of lanterns floating over Poland

11,000 Lanterns Floating Over Poland – Watch more Funny Videos

Although most videos are of people face planting and other epic fails, this video from Poland will have you staring in awe instead of wincing and turning away.

Thousands of paper lanterns filled the night sky last week in Poznan, Poland to celebrate Midsummer Night, or the shortest night of the year. The event, which was organized on Facebook, took place on a field in the city. Around 1,000 fiery orbs were released en masse around 11:30 at night, easily beating the Polish record for the largest number of lanterns released at one time. With in an hour, some 8,000 lanterns had been sent skyward.

Poland is already planning another event for next year, when they hope to beat the Guinness world record for number of lanterns released in the sky. That record is currently held by Indonesians, a title earned when 10,000 lanterns were sent soaring in Jakarta in 2009.