Whale cut from net in Sea of Cortez

While rescuers search for the seven missing people who were aboard a boat that capsized in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez over the weekend, these waters are filled with more than tragedy. I stumbled upon this video of a whale being cut from a hunting net and set free and I couldn’t help but share. Members of the Great Whale Conservatory happened upon this trapped humpback whale in the Sea of Cortez. The whale-lovers cut the net off of the whale on the spot. Although it took some time, they came out of the experience with a happy and healthy whale as well as some excellent footage.

I visited the Sea of Cortez myself in March of 2009. I spent the day lounging with Sea Lions and watching dolphins follow our boat. I thought the sea was beautiful, serene and unmistakable. Watching this video of this whale rescue has completely made my day.