Photo of the day- Bicycles in Copenhagen

This photo of bicycles in Copenhagen, Denmark shot in June with a Sony DSLR A-700 comes from Flickr user justchuckfl who tells us:

“In Copenhagen, you will see many historical buildings as well as some modern architecture. This image was captured through the window of a tour bus and shows the ever present bicycles that you will see everywhere in Denmark.”

See more of justchuckfl’s Copenhagen photos too, there are a bunch of good ones.

Did you know you can get an idea of how these great Photos of the Day were created by clicking on the device used to capture them? Exif data is a record of the settings a camera used to take a photo or video embedded into the files the camera saves and Flickr displays it for us to see.

Not sure what ISO, aperture, metering and all that photography lingo means? Gadling’s Dana Murph does and breaks it down for us in a series of Travel Photo Tips.

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