SkyMall Monday: Top 5 places to sleep with the Pillow Tie

Life is full of boring events. Our parents, spouses and religious leaders constantly drag us to occasions that are beyond dull. With hundreds of cable channels, air conditioning and beer easily accessible in our own homes, why do we need to go anywhere? Heck, we can have all of that in our beds if we have a remote control cooler around! If it was up to me, I’d never leave SkyMall Monday headquarters. It’s cozy, full of entertainment options and blissfully devoid of a dress code. Sadly, however, I get invited to an infuriating amount of social functions, many of which require me to put on pants. Thankfully, there’s now an accessory that allows me to look formal while also drowning out the boring speeches that are happening around me. I can attend various engagements while still being a lethargic lump. Sound too good to be true? Well, you can do it too thanks to SkyMall. Today we take a look at the top five places to sleep with the Pillow Tie.Where can you take advantage of this marvel of engineering and fashion? Theoretically, anywhere you’d like. However, you’ll appreciate it more at some of life’s most tedious affairs. Before we breakdown where you can use it, let’s check out the product description:

Boring meetings, hour-long conference calls–might as well make yourself comfy. Looks and ties like traditional neckwear but inflates with a few puffs, then it’s sweet dreams for the wearer.

Why limit ourselves? Let’s take a look at the top 5 places to sleep with the Pillow Tie:

5. The Office

Just like the product description discussed, work is dull. Who cares about Q1 reports and sexual harassment policies? Use those meetings as a chance to recharge your batteries.

4. Wedding Ceremonies

The emphasis here is on the ceremonies. You don’t like seeing your friends’ public displays of affection or listening to them baby talk with their significant others, so why do you suddenly want to hear them gush about each other and then kiss in front of you? Rest up during the ceremony and you’ll have the energy you need to dominate the cocktail hour. Remember, like an infielder charging a ground ball, you get to the passed hor d’oeuvres faster if you go to them.

3. Conferences

Fine, your company sent you to Las Vegas for your industry’s biggest meeting of the year. Does that mean that you have to care? It’s a free trip to Vegas! Love the nightlife, and then sleep off all that boogying while some keynote speaker drones on about who knows what.

2. Public Transportation

It’s in your best interest to skip most of those sights and smells.

1. Bars

You worked hard all day and now just want to avoid going home to your needy family for a few extra hours. It beats going to a fast food restaurant and embarrassingly falling asleep next to your melon soda.

Where would you sleep with the Pillow Tie? Let us know in the comments.

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