SkyMall Monday: GermBana Face Gator, Gloves & Scarf

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that you can’t get sick. While we associate the flu and other ailments with winter, summer colds are common and can derail our warm weather wackiness. Travel, of course, is always germ-laden but you don’t need to venture that far from home to encounter illness. Heck, your mailman delivers filthy papers to you everyday. That lunch buffet that you frequent because it has both tacos and spaghetti? Yeah, it also has E. coli. Your kids? Ticking time bombs filled with fecal matter. Thankfully, there is a way to protect yourself without resorting to living in a bubble. SkyMall is here to help us live our full and filthy lives. Now, we can safely leave the SkyMall Monday headquarters and you can, too, can enjoy that whole big world out there thanks to the GermBana Face Gator, Gloves and Scarf.GermBana products are “made from Fibrant, the revolutionary fabric infused with a natural agent that kills germs on contact, including MRSA. Fibrant incorporates an advanced moisture management system to keep you cool, dry and odor free.” Sure, Fibrant sounds like the name of a brightly-colored fiber cereal, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t work.

GermBana Face Gator

Let’s start with the product description:

The Face Gator is designed to be worn discreetly around your neck and pulled up over your nose and mouth when you need added protection from germs or are sick and want to keep your germs away from others.

It will look totally natural when you move it from your neck to your mouth right as that gross guy from your department sits down next to you in the conference room.

GermBana Gloves

The Gloves are designed so they are comfortable to wear all day. Whether you are shopping or traveling in places where you may be handling germ-invested products or touching surfaces that can transfer germs to your face or loved ones, the Gloves will protect you and others.

We’ll ignore for a moment that it describes the gloves as “germ-invested,” as gold is trading at a much higher price than germs right now and, thus, is the wiser investment. More importantly, it’s about time that we had gloves that we can wear all day. From the grocery store to church to crime scenes, we’ll stay healthy and inconspicuous.

GermBana Scarf

The Scarf is designed to be worn around the neck and used to kill germs when you cough or sneeze into it, rather than your arm where germs can live up to 48 hours.

The pockets hold tissue or hand sanitizer, and can double as mittens when you have to touch germ-infested surfaces.

Since none of us bathe, germs live on our arms for two days. The pockets, of course, can hold more than tissues and hand sanitizer. You can keep your Fashion Face Mask or other customized masks in there. You could even keep your foil hat.

So, step back into the world and don’t worry about getting sick. That means more time to go to work, take care of your kids and do all those errands that your spouse keeps nagging you about. Hooray!

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