New website promises Epic Thrills for adventure travelers

Travelers looking for great deals on their next journey have a new tool at their disposal today, as a website has just launched that promises to be the Jetsetter of adventure travel. The new site, fittingly called Epic Thrills, will offer members substantial discounts on adventure travel opportunities from some of the top companies in the world.

For now, the site is members-only and requires an invite to join, but once you’re in the club, you’ll receive exclusive access to some excellent travel bargains. The creators of Epic Thrills have worked closely with top adventure travel companies to offer fantastic deals to ET members, and each week they’ll put another amazing trip on sale. That trip will be available for 7-14 days at a discount of up to 30% off the regular price.

And what exactly can members expect out of Epic Thrills? Their very first deal, which goes on sale later today, offers some insights. The first trip available is an 11-day mountain biking excursion through the Himalaya hosted by Pedlars Pub & Grille, one of the absolute best adventure cycling companies in the world. While on this two-wheeled journey through Nepal, travelers will stay in rustic tea houses while riding more than 200 miles of trail with the stunning backdrop of Annapurna to spur them on. According to the Epic Thrills website, future trips could include heli-skiing in Alaska, surfing in Costa Rica, rafting in Patagonia, and a whole lost more.

Epic Thrills is the brainchild of founder Allen Burt, who came up with the idea when he was left frustrated by the inability to find good, compelling adventure opportunities online. An avid adventure traveler himself, Burt has launched the site to not only offer great deals on adventure options to others, but to also create an online destination to help them discover new opportunities that they didn’t even know existed.

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