Top ten Labor Day destinations compiled by Hotwire

Travelers looking to make Labor Day reservations are fast approaching a crossroads – should they book now and hope for cheaper fares (particularly with advance reservation discounts and lower air prices outside of the 14-day window) or wait and see if a last-minute deal arises?

If you’re considering a variety of cities for your last hurrah of summer, Hotwire has compiled some interesting data on the top ten cities (based on room rates) booked by customers for the September 1 – 6 window.

Thankfully, all of the most-booked destinations have affordable hotel options, with the average prices in most cases well under the $200 mark.

These destinations are:
1. New York, NY, $195
2. Boston, MA, $129
3. Chicago, IL, $90
4. Las Vegas, NV, $95
5. San Francisco, CA, $135
6. Toronto, ON, Canada, $93
7. Vancouver, BC, Canada, $116
8. San Diego, CA, $94
9. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, $59
10. Washington, D.C., $89

Where will you be traveling this Labor Day? Or are you sticking close to home?

[Flickr via Leo Newball]