Video: The worst youth hostel ad you will ever see

Youth hostels. You don’t expect too much from them except a bunk, a breakfast, and a budget-friendly rate. A hostel in Sydney, however, is betting it has every amenity that a backpacker could want and has mashed them together in this god-awful video.

From the 2001: A Space Odyssey intro to the autotune at the end, the video for 790 on George has managed to make what seems to be a perfectly nice hostel in downtown Sydney into a hellhole full of explosions and honking horns. Then there’s the Michael Cera look-alike giving the thumbs-up at every turn.

The whole production is a train wreck and is enough to scare away this traveler. But I’m sure there will be a small segment of backpackers that will want to stay at 790 on George for the ironic value. Let’s hope that an uptick in guests will enable the hostel to increase its advertising budget next time around.