Photo of the day – Brazilian shopkeepers

Two Brazilian shopkeepers are the subject of today’s Photo of the Day, snapped by Flickr user jrodmanjr. This image grabbed my eye for many reasons: the intensity with which the two men are engaged in conversation; the grandness of the building itself; the sidewalk’s black and white tiles; the interior neon ceiling light fixtures; the back door, ajar and luminous. This is an evocative scene, and it captures a piece of Brazil.

Perhaps you have an image on your hard drive of another riveting human interaction. Perhaps you’d like to share it with a wide audience. Perhaps you should upload said image to the Gadling Group pool on Flickr. Perhaps, finally, it will in turn get chosen as a future Photo of the Day.

To everyone uploading photos to the Gadling Group pool on Flickr: For the umpteenth time, please make sure that your images can be downloaded. If we cannot download your images, they will not be chosen as future Photos of the Day. I am talking to many of you, but especially to baby_mongster, whose photos I love and am never able to select.