Video: do you know South Korea?

Do You Know South Korea? from David Dutton on Vimeo.

Guilty as self-charged: I did not realize how utterly gorgeous South Korea is until watching this video. And since the creator’s intent was to share the essence and beauty of South Korea with viewers, I have to say: job well done. I have friends who are from South Korea, friends who have lived there, worked there, and played there, but I haven’t yet been there. I love the juxtaposition in this video of the bright city lights and jagged, breath-taking countryside. The colored leaves are gorgeous, but they’re only a fraction of the video footage. The music is excellent, the shots are incredible.

Have you been to South Korea? Do you feel as though this video captures the country? If you haven’t been to South Korea, does this video make you want to visit as soon as possible (because it makes me want to visit as soon as possible).