German woman attempting to paddle around South America

Earlier this week, long distance kayaker Freya Hoffmeister set off on another epic journey. The German woman, who once spent 332 days kayaking around Australia, has set her sights on an even bigger challenge – a solo circumnavigation of South America.

On Tuesday, Hoffmeister set out from Buenos Aires, Argentina where she immediately started paddling south, down the Atlantic Coast. Her first few days went fairly well, as she knocked off more than 30 miles per day, but high winds appeared late in the week, slowing progress to a crawl.

For the next two years, Freya’s days will mostly be spent in the cockpit of her kayak, while nights will be passed camping on shore. She’ll take occasional breaks along the way of course, enough time to recharge her batteries and enjoy some creature comforts, but for the most part, Hoffmeister will be focused on making progress – rain or shine.

The voyage is expected to take upwards of 24 months and cover 15,000 miles before Hoffmeister completes her journey around South America and returns to Buenos Aires. Before she does that however, she’ll need to brave the turbulent waters off Cape Horn, turn north along the Pacific Coast, and face thousands of miles of remote, empty coastlines. After months of travel, she’ll then navigate through the Panama Canal, back to the Atlantic Ocean, and turn south once again. A daunting task to say the least.

You can follow Freya’s progress on her daily blog and trip map, which is automatically updated as she moves along.

Spending two years in a kayak will require a lot of dedication and hard work. But considering her track record, I think Freya may be up to the task.