Gadling gear review: Sun Sniper Pro camera strap

For many of us, travel and photography are a natural combination. After all, it isn’t enough to simply visit a destination, we also want to capture the essence of that place and bring it home to not only share with friend and families, but for own memories as well. The advent of digital photography has made this easier than ever, and as a result, more people than ever now own cameras.

Digital SLR cameras in particular have become incredibly popular. Not only do they give you more control over your images than their point-and-shoot counterparts, but the ability to change lenses as needed gives them a higher level of versatility. They are heavier and bulkier however, and on an active trip, they can be a challenge to lug around all day. The Sun Sniper Pro camera strap can help alleviate those issues, while also providing a higher level of security from theft as well.

The Sun Sniper has a simple, yet ingenious, approach to keeping your camera safe and out of the way when not in use, while also remaining ready for action when you want to capture that perfect shot. The strap incorporates a specially designed connector that actually screws tightly into the tripod socket on your DSLR, immediately making it feel more secure than the strap that comes standard with most cameras. Once locked in place, a special D-ring allows the strap to spin around the fastener, which means the strap stays well out of your way, even when you want to capture actions shots on the go.

The basic design of the strap also helps to cut down on the amount of movement from the camera while it’s slung across your shoulder, helping to reduce fatigue. The benefit of this isn’t always evident at first, but you’ll appreciate it after having a heavy camera on your hip all day, particularly if you’re hiking or climbing over difficult terrain. A built-in shock absorber helps to reduce wear and tear on the body as well, making the whole travel photography experience a better one.
While the Sun Sniper Pro is a more comfortable option for active photographers and travelers, it wasn’t only designed with that in mind. DSLR owners invest a lot of money in their cameras and lenses, which can make them a tempting target for thieves, who will often simply cut the strap with a knife and disappear into a crowd with the goods. Sun Sniper has incorporated a thin, steel cable into the strap however, which makes it incredibly tough to cut through, adding a much appreciated extra level of security. The company is so sure that their straps are secure in fact, that they offer $500 worth of insurance to their customers, covering the loss of camera equipment, should the strap be cut. While that isn’t much money for replacing a good DSLR, it is nice to know that Sun Sniper stands by their products in this manner.

I’m a very active traveler and have often struggled with keeping my camera close at hand while on the go. To make things worse, I usually have a backpack of some kind on as well, which adds another level of challenge to situation. The Sun Sniper Pro helps to alleviate some of those challenges however, thanks in part to the length of its strap, the ability to adjust its fit, and the unique design of its tripod socket fastener. It took a bit of fiddling to get everything just right, but once I had it adjusted to my needs, the Sun Sniper proved to be a far better option than the strap that came with my camera.

If you’re a traveler who doesn’t go anywhere without your camera, you’ll find plenty to like with this product. It is comfortable to wear, keeps your camera close at hand and ready to shoot, while also providing an added sense of security. With an MSRP of $88 the Pro model isn’t for everyone, but for serious photographers, it is well worth the money.