Luxury spa treatment we’re dying to try: A 20 hands massage

There are luxe spa treatments and then there are one in a lifetime experiences. In honor of the resort’s 20th anniversary, Grand Wailea, A Waldorf Astoria Resort is offering the lavish 20 Hands Duo Massage, a two-and-a-half hour couple’s experience offered in celebration of Spa Grande’s 20th anniversary through September 4, 2012.

Begin with an hour in the hydrotherapy circuit, which features a Roman whirlpool hot tub and cold plunge, eucalyptus steam and redwood saunas, traditional Japanese furo bath, three cascading waterfall massages, Hawaiian tropical jet showers and a complimentary full-body exfoliation.

Then, don a robe and head to the spa’s suites to enjoy a 30-minute foot soak, exfoliation and pressure-point foot massage. Guests are then asked to prepare for their full-body 20-Hand Massage by laying on the massage tables, face down on lavender-scented neck pillows. Just don’t expect to be alone.

The massage begins with the 10 therapists connecting and harmonizing the energy of the room by bonding their hands, palm to palm. Once the energy is centered, they begin the “hula wave” on the entire body as therapists walk around the guests massaging the two bodies in synchronized harmony.

Following the “hula wave,” therapists will split into two groups of five for each guest. One therapist is focused on the scalp, one on the lower left side of the body, one of the lower right side of the body and two on the upper portion of the body including back and torso.

Guests are then ask to turn around and lay on their back, therapists continuing the massage with the two therapist that were focused on the upper portion of the body now providing greater attention to the arms and hands.

The price? A hefty $2,000, doubled to $4,000 if you wish to book the spa for a private appointment in the evening hours. That said, the pricing, if you divide out by therapist, comes out to $200 per therapist for the hour-long massage, which isn’t *that* much higher than an average resort spa. Still, is it worth the splurge? We’d have to try to find out. Anyone want to send us to Hawaii?