SkyMall Monday: Travel Hangers

Wrinkles are for Shar Peis and old people. They have no place on your clothing. If you show up to a meeting, formal function or even just a casual date looking like you slept in your clothes, people will think that you’re homeless. Here at SkyMall Monday headquarters, we steam the clothes that we’re wearing every hour. It keeps us looking fresh and professional throughout the day (and does wonders for our skin). Travel, however, can wreak havoc on your wardrobe and leave everything in your luggage looking like elephant skin. Beyond that, if you like to unpack your bags once you arrive at your destination, you’ll need a way to hang up your clothes. All of this might make travel seem impossible, but that’s just because you’re easily overwhelmed. All you need to do is look to SkyMall for solutions. The next time you travel with clothing, be sure to also pack some Inflatable Hangers and Bumps Be-gone Travel Hangers.Let’s take a look at each product, shall we?

Inflatable Hangers

As always, I’ll defer to the product description:

So if you like to wash out your clothes and have them dry without hanger creases, take along these smooth, durable vinyl hangers. They fold into the tiniest corner of your luggage and inflate with just a couple breaths to let your drip-dry blouses, shirts and sweaters dry crease-free.

What better way to avoid hanger creases than by using hangers! That sure beats drying things on the backs of chairs, in the shower or by wearing them in the sun.

Bumps Be-gone Travel Hangers

Let’s go right to the product description again:

These bendable folding hangers eliminate unsightly shoulder lumps caused by wire and plastic hangers. Hand laundry is a necessity for self-sufficient travelers, but cheap hotel room hangers and wet clothes aren’t a good mix. Lightweight Bumps B Gone Travel Hangers offer a simple alternative. Made of soft, padded foam and sturdy plastic, they are completely bendable so shirts drip-dry without bumpy bulges at the shoulders, and thin-strapped garments stay firmly in place.

Are the hotel rooms cheap or are the hangers inside the hotel rooms cheap? Are both cheap? Are people’s home hangers expensive? Am I the only person who doesn’t buy hangers and just uses whatever my dry cleaner gives me?

Look, I have to be honest here and say that I think that traveling with hangers is idiotic. Unless you’re putting clothing into a garment bag on the hangers that you use at home, I see no need to pack hangers in your luggage, inflatable, travel or otherwise. Does anyone pack hangers? I really need to know.

Please help me understand what people are doing by voting in this poll:

Share your thoughts on travel hangers in the comments. Please. I’m baffled!

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