AdventureSmith announces new line of adventure cruises for 2012

AdventureSmith Explorations
, one of the world’s leading companies for small-ship adventure cruises, has announced a new line of cruise packages for the upcoming winter and deep into 2012.

Having just concluded a summer season of small boat adventure cruises throughout Alaska, Canada, and deep into the Arctic, AdventureSmith is gearing up for cruises that leave the cold winter weather behind and head for the warmth of the tropics.

What kind of adventures you ask? How about an 8 day tour through Hawaii that includes kayaking, whale watching, and waterfall trekking through one of the state’s most secluded valleys? Or perhaps you’d rather snorkel the turquoise reefs off of Panama‘s Las Perlas Islands and scour Costa Rica‘s Manuel Antonio National Park in search of three-toed sloths?

While I love tropical destinations as much as the next person, I also enjoy straying far from the beaten path every once in a while as well. That’s why I’d probably look into a late-spring trip that navigates the sparsely populated islands of the Ring of Fire between northern Japan and eastern Russia. Eventually concluding the journey at a Russian submarine base, clients have the option of helicoptering to the Valley of the Geysers, a UNESCO World Heritage site that’s potentially home to the largest amount of geothermal activity found outside of Yellowstone National Park.

Helicopters, geysers, and submarines? Count me in.