Experiential hotel in Sweden allows guests to sleep underground

Located 155 meters underground, travelers can now stay in the Mine Suite at Sala Silvermine, the deepest hotel room in the world, in Sala Municipality, in Västmanland County, Sweden. This 16th century mine was at one time the country’s biggest silver producer.

Once guests arrive, they are given a guided tour of the mine, as well as a basket of goodies containing biscuits, chocolate, cheese, wine, and fruit. Combine this with the small wooden tables and chairs and the dim-lighting of the windowless suite, illuminated only by candles, and you begin to get the sense that you are in a romantic Italian restaurant.

There is some roughing it, however, that will go along with your stay. For those that are claustrophobic, be wary of the low-hanging stone ceilings, uneven walls, and hidden cavities of the mine. If you need to go to the bathroom, toilets are 50 meters from the suite itself, with showers being above ground in the hostel. And, if you’re prone to being cold, make sure you bring layers, as the mine itself is 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t worry too much, though, as the room is heated to 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit and the hotel provides a thick comforter and extra blankets.

While the suite will cost couples about $590 per night, it may be worth it for those looking to have an experiential stay in Sweden.