Swiss village Obermutten has more Facebook fans than residents

A tiny Swiss mountain village is taking social media to a new level. Obermutten in Graubuenden has promised anyone who “likes” the town on Facebook that they will put his/her photo onto the Commune’s official notice board. By doing this, they say, anybody anywhere in the world can “become Swiss”. After only three days, the village already has fifteen times more fans than residents, and this number is growing by the day.

The identity pictures are printed out by a councillor and pinned up on the noticeboard and the fans thus become part of the village community. So far, the fan list has grown so fast that they’ve filled the town’s message board and resorted to using a barn side to post pictures. The eighty inhabitants – many still without an internet connection – like to get to know their fans in this way.

The Commune, located in the Graubuenden holiday region, seems excited by their newfound fame.

“Obermutten is developing a personal relationship with its guests. Here it’s not a question of the total volume, but of each individual one. Why shouldn’t this be the same for us in the internet?” said Martin Wyss, Mutten’s village president.

The village president communicates with his fans in short video YouTube messages like the one seen above.

Wow, this is really taking “social” to a new level.