Next week is Food Week on Gadling: Submit your photos

It is well-known on the Gadling team that I’m a terrible foodie, and it’s the subject of a great deal of jest (I’m looking at you, David Farley). There’s no doubt that I enjoy heading out with a group of friends for a creative night of eating and drinking, but for me, it’s more about the social aspects rather than the gastronomic.

With that said, I’ve been either on the sidelines or in the press box for most of this food revolution, from the days of Iron Chef and Rachael Ray to our current gastrocompetitive culture. Just last week as I sat at my local Intelligentsia I heard a young woman bragging about how nearly-orgasmic her upcoming meal at Grant Achatz’s Next would be. Delicious? No doubt. $300 delicious? Up to you.

Indulge in it or not, food is a critical part of the travel experience. We travel through our food, by eating it, by remembering the tastes and aromas and experiences from the planet. In a way, it can define the very reason and color of our journey.

That’s why we’re launching food week at Gadling next week, a celebration of all things food about travel, from the richest, most exotic fare in the far reaches of India to the simple pleasure of eating KFC with plastic gloves in Hong Kong.

On Friday, October 21 we’d like to host a series of photos from our readers on the topic of the most exotic foods from across the planet. This could be your favorite food, your least favorite food, you eating your favorite food or any of the above. Just please promise us that the picture is original and is okay to publish on Gadling (a part of the Huffington Post Media Group). Image sizes between 580px and 1000px wide are best and in jpg format. You can email your submission to editor[-at-]gadling{dot}com, and we’ll publish our favorites on Friday, October 21.

Need some inspiration? Check out some of our favorites below.

Matador Network‘s CEO Ross Borden on a fishing trip outside of Rotorua, New Zealand

Blogger Jeremy Kressmann trying out the duck tongue in Hong Kong.

Gadling friend and food advisor Jodi Ettenberg experimenting with the Baba-Nyonya laksa in Malaysia.

Lunch salad? Yes please.

Occasional Gadling contributor Celeste Brash (@radioceleste) considering rat on a stick

Among the finer tacos in the Zocalo of Mexico City, Mexico

Blogger Libby Zay roasting guinea pigs in Quilotoa, Ecuador