It’s food week!

Good news everybody! This week is food week on Gadling, our first ever celebration of all foods relating to travel. Like it or not, food is taking a front seat in the stagecoach of our modern-day travels, with Bourdain and Zimmern belligerently egging us onward. Molecular gastronomy? We’re going to rock it. Celebrity chefs? We’re going to name drop like we’re at the Ivy for lunch. You want over the top meals that only Ferran Adria cooks on the third new moon of the year? We eat that stuff for breakfast every day.

Our editorial team at Gadling has commissioned a wide spectrum of foodie posts to get your mouth watering this week, from Kyle Ellison‘s perspective on why our culture seems to be obsessed with taking pictures of our food to Don George‘s narrative on an amazing meal in Burgundy. We’ve even got a few special treats from guest posters like our old friend Janelle Nanos.

So stick around all week for fabulous dispatches from the gastronomic trail and some roundups from the wide world of food culture. Don’t forget that we’re also collecting images for our roundup of reader food pics, so make sure you send your images over to me at editor[at]gadling{dot}com. We’ll run the pictures on Friday.

Bon appétit!