Snake Village in Hanoi, Vietnam, allows visitors to kill and eat their own snake

Located in Le Mat, Hanoi, Vietnam, the Snake Village is filled with the snake-related opportunities. Drink snake, eat snake, hold snakes, and even kill your own snake at eat its organs.

Finding it hard to wrap your head around an experience like this? Blogger Anna at TravelPod described the experience like this:

“We stood around them and watched as they slit the live snake and then furrowed around for the heart and swallowed it whole while it was still pulsating…Once the heart had been removed the blood was squeezed into a nearby glass and mixed with the local snake moonshine. In another glass a bile cocktail was prepared by squeezing all the green gunk from it’s stomach.”

Some of the other items on the menu included moonshine containing snake, crushed snake bones with poppadoms, grilled snake, snake spring rolls, crispy snake skin, and more.

To get a better idea of the experience in the Snake Village, check out this video (WARNING: GRAPHIC):