SkyMall Monday: StarScreen Social Backdrops

Working from home is dramatically different from working in an office. For one, those of us who work from home rarely put on pants. Beyond that, we often spend most of our time alone, sitting at our makeshift, on our couches or even laying in our beds in front of our computers. The vast majority of the time this unconventional work environment is irrelevant, because no one sees us. So long as we’re delivering our work on time, no one is the wiser. Recently, however, with services such as Skype, FaceTime and Gmail video making videoconferencing easier and more routine, us work-from-home folks are suddenly being seen by our colleagues, clients and bosses. Here at SkyMall Monday headquarters, I’ve always been able to work surrounded by my dogs, gadgets and fake moose head safe in the knowledge that no one could see me. Now, however, I regularly have videoconferences and feel the need to look reasonably professional. Thankfully, SkyMall has just the product to make me appear as if I’m hard at work in an appropriate environment. Now, when I fire up the camera on my computer, I always make sure that my StarScreen Social Backdrop is attached to my chair.Exposing your home to your business associates is awkward. The last thing you need while on a video call is for your filthy child or pet capybara to walk into view. Instead, you want people to think that you’re in an office. Or, if you told your boss that you had to travel to a satellite office but instead you’re just playing with your new iPhone 4S in your apartment, you can use the beach, Venice, Bora Bora, Yosemite or Mount Rushmore backdrops to keep him from getting suspicious.

Think that using a fake background while videoconferencing is deceptive? Believe that everyone should wear pants while working? Well, while you scavenge for leftover turkey wraps in the conference room, we’ll be reading the product description:

Our delightful StarScreen Social Backdrops make video chatting and conferencing fun. It gives your chat buddy the illusion you’re in a fresh and exotic environment.

Convert your messy room in an instant.

Show off new backdrop designs to all of your social network friends.

Video chatting is typically such a chore, what with so much of it involving long distance couples attempting to virtually fornicate. It’s about time someone made it fun – especially for your social networking friends (real friends won’t be impressed).

The question isn’t weather you need a StarScreen Social Backdrop; it’s which one is right for you. While the office backdrop makes the most sense, it’s hard to resist the lure of the zombie backdrop. Just imagine videoconferencing with a prospective client while he yells, “Look behind you!”. Success in business is all about brains…BRAINS!

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