Boeing 787 makes first commerical flight

Our good friend Scott Mayerowitz over at the AP was lucky enough to get a seat on the first commercial 787 Dreamliner flight, and he’s just published an update on the experience. The special flight, which ran between Tokyo and Hong Kong yesterday, played host to a variety of media and airline enthusiasts and is a celebration to kick off widespread service of aircraft on All Nippon Airways. The airline is expected to receive 55 aircraft over the next several years and unroll the equipment out to a variety of medium and long haul routes.

Those hoping to fly on the Dreamliner in the United States will have to wait until the first domestic carrier, United Airlines, receives its equipment in early 2012. That aircraft, which is initially scheduled to fly between Houston and Auckland, just rolled of of the assembly line this month and is currently undergoing testing.

New with this airframe will be improved air conditions, wider windows, larger overhead bin space and a quieter, more efficient experience. Whether or not the airlines can successfully negate these benefits with fees and constraints is yet to be proven.

[flickr image via PYONKO]