Real life “Tower of Terror” at Manhattan’s Gramercy Park Hotel

An overcrowded elevator at Manhattan’s chic Gramercy Park hotel plummeted eight floors on after a movie party Thursday evening, leaving all patrons safe but shaken.

The Daily Mail reported that “The Good Wife” actor Josh Charles and director David M. Rosenthal were among the 14 people in the elevator that evening. They were attending the Janie Jones film premiere party.

According to sources, a large man and his girlfriend jumped into the overcrowded elevator, causing the elevator to suddenly fall, the doors to the elevator still open.

Now, we’ve seen these elevators and can’t imagine a dozen people fitting inside, let alone 14. It truly seems a case of simple overcrowding, scary nevertheless.

No patrons were harmed, and, by the time paramedics arrived, the last person was being pulled from the elevator.

Hotel sources says the lift will undergo testing before re-opening to the public.

Looks like we’ll be taking the stairs at one of our favorite NYC hotels for a few weeks.