One in four travelers smuggle liquids through TSA checkpoints

A new survey from Skyscanner suggests that as many as one in four travelers smuggle liquids past security – both accidentally and on purpose.

Of the 1,000 poll respondents, 42% agree that current rulings are too restrictive and one in five complaining that airports tend to enforce rules differently. Only 2% believed the legislation did not go far enough.

About 4% of respondents admitted that they have purposely smuggled liquids through security – and got away with it.

We’ve certainly noticed airport security becoming more lax with the 3-1-1 rulings, particularly when the creams and liquids are within travel-sized containers in carry-on or gate checked luggage. Still, it probably isn’t a good idea to try to smuggle in liquids that are in flagrant disregard of the rules. Anything that makes travel more difficult for you and your fellow patrons likely isn’t a great idea.