Meet Take A View’s Landscape Photographer of The Year: Robert Fulton

Robert Fulton considers himself to be a ‘serious amateur’ photographer, but I think he’s just being modest, which is a perfectly decent way to be. But despite whatever might qualify Fulton as an amateur photographer, his work feels professional to me. Fulton was recently awarded the ‘Landscape Photographer of The Year’ title from 10,000 British Pounds later, Fulton is only the fifth person to win this accolade.

His imagery is wet. When I sit still and soak in the scenes from his landscape shots in the slideshow on his website, I feel immersed in the respective places, immersed as if in water, with the colors draping over my own skin. And no matter how poetic I think photography is, this sort of arousal in a viewer isn’t an easy one to work up. Fulton’s images make one thing certain: he is a landscape photographer head over heels in love with nature. And isn’t that the way it should be?

For anyone interested in seeing his photography in person, his award-winning landscape series will be on display at The National Theatre in London from December 5th, 2011 until January 28th, 2012. Admission is free and the exhibition will feature over 100 photos taken by Fulton.