Hong Kong photo set

It’s not everyday that I like a Flickr photo set so much that I want to share it on Gadling (although, to be fair, it’s been happening a lot more frequently now that I’m following some great photography blogs on Tumblr, but still, it’s not everyday, not yet)but this Hong Kong photo set by Flickr user, CoolbeRe, caught my eyes and my eyes are still focused on the photos. The set, dubbed ‘Hongkongscape 2011’, boasts colorful photography taken in Hong Kong. The fog is low, the clouds are thick, and the lights are bright in this photo series. Indeed, the photographer caught the city at a perfect time for photos. Effects were, no doubt, employed in some of the photos, but the end result is not a worse result. The end result is captivating images of Hong Kong. For the record, I meandered through CoolbeRe’s photos a bit and the entire photo collection is mostly location-based and pretty impressive. Check it all out here.