Video: Stockholm Metro video game art

Stockholm seems like a city worth visiting to me, but the city’s newest art installation has me sold: video game subway station art. The Stockholm Metro is already regularly referred to as ‘the world’s largest art exhibition’ (or ‘the longest), so I shouldn’t be surprised that this artsy city would add retro 8-bit video game pixel tiles to its artistic subway system. Lars Arrhenius was commissioned in 2008 to cover the Thorlidsplan Tunnelbana station. The station is now covered and, I’d say, it’s covered pretty well. MadCraft, a pop-punk band from Finland, released a music video with the 8-bit art as their backdrop. Needless to say, you should check this gem out. If you’d rather skip the video (or the pop-punk) and just see some photos of the station art, you can find some at