High altitude balloon catches aircraft in transit

Technology is cheap enough these days that almost anyone can send a balloon up into the atmosphere to see the curvature of the earth. And if they’re lucky, they can track down their camera and get some awesome video — just last year a father and son sent an iPhone nearly into space with incredible results.

What Vimeo user Edouard Janssens captured, however, is pretty unique. Bobbing around the troposphere, the camera had the fortune of capturing a passing aircraft as it soared past, quickly zipping across the field of view. It’s a pretty interesting perspective that’s usually not

In case you’re wondering, a collision between an aircraft and a balloon like this could be potentially disastrous so it’s fairly common to put radar deflectors on the balloons and register the flights with the FAA or local governing body. Hopefully the proper steps were taken with this launch.

[Via Reddit]