Gadling’s Don George wins Society of American Travel Writers award

Narrative travel writing is an important component to any site working in the travel space. While clicks and viral attention tend to come from the shorter, service-oriented pieces, the goal of any travel site should be to inspire and the provoke travel and thoughts about travel. Narrative travel writing is the best way to do that.

That’s why we initially brought in Don George as our features editor at Gadling. He’s a legend among the travel community, with past appointments at Lonely Planet and the San Francisco Chronicle among his myriad accomplishments. He’s also well connected in the travel community and most importantly, an exceptionally talented writer and editor.

That talent was recently recognized by the Society of American Travel Writers in their annual Lowell Thomas Awards for a piece that Don wrote on Gadling called The Aeroramme and the Email. Don’s piece took a silver award in the “Short article on Travel” category, and he also took a bronze award home for Making Roof Tiles in Peru written for Recce: Literary Journeys for the Discerning Traveler in the “Personal Comment” category.

We’re proud to have Don as part of our team on Gadling and aspire to produce more award-winning content in the coming year. Congratulations, Mr. George. You’re an inspiration to team Gadling.