Join Gadling + Delta Air Lines + The Nomading Film Festival in New York City this Saturday

It’s been a busy year at Gadling. Paul Brady and Stephen Greenwood hit the road on a wonderful journey across the United States and filed dispatches while Traveling the American Road. David Farley spent a good long month in San Francisco exploring the Barbary Coast and lived to tell the tale. Don George won a Society of American Travel Writers Award for his story the Email and the Aerogramme. We merged with the Huffington Post. We broke a few traffic records. We yelled and chased each other in circles.

Seven years after our inception, however, we’re still here and we’re still telling travel stories. And to celebrate that milestone we’re teaming up with our old friends at the Nomading Film Festival (NoFF) and Delta Air Lines to host a bona fide happy hour for our friends and colleagues.

Delta will be providing free drinks from 7PM as well as prizes for each person in attendance. We’ll also have swag from the Huffington Post Media group and if you’re lucky you might even get your picture taken with the guys from NoFF.

Please take some time to swing by for a visit and say hi. You need to sign up for a free ticket and prizes at this link, then meet us at Lolita Bar from 7 – 9PM. After that, we’ll go where the night takes us.

Once more, here is that link. See you at Lolita.