SkyMall Monday: Is the tugo rolling luggage drink holder clever or idiotic?

I typically have very firm feelings about a SkyMall product. I either love it with all of my heart or hate it with a fiery passion. We’re not shy with our opinions here at SkyMall Monday headquarters. So, you can imagine how I feel this week when, well, I’m not sure what to think about the featured product. My gut tells me that it’s horrible. Heck, my mind tells me that, too. But, some other part of me, as small as it might be (please save your penis jokes for the comments), feels like some people my like it. Or even love it. As much as I want to despise it and question its existence, I’m actually shocked that I’ve never seen it being used before. It strikes me as the kind of thing that hordes of people might actually enjoy. And that’s why I need you, dear readers. Help me decide whether to believe my gut or that other little part of me. What do you think of the tugo rolling luggage drink holder?Meandering around the airport is no easy task. You have to keep track of your boarding pass, ID, luggage, kids, Cinnabon, etc. Your luggage will take up at least one hand (unless you’re towing it behind you with a body harness). That leaves you with one free hand for all of those other necessities. In theory, any device that helps you free up your hands is a good thing (except for Bluetooth headsets, which make you look like a massive douchebag). And yet, the tugo seems so wrong.

Perhaps the product description will help us decide:

No more fumbling with your drink when pulling your rolling luggage. Tugo securely nestles coffee cups, water bottles, baby bottles and more, keeping them stable and level.

Provides a handy and secure place for your drink while walking the concourse or sitting at the gate.

Would you rather fumble with your drink while you’re walking (presuming that you’ve yet to master drinking, in which case, perhaps you should consider using a sippy cup) or have your beverage perched precariously above your moving luggage? Are those the only two choices? In this scenario, it would appear so.

Well, what say you, SkyMall Monday readers? Is the tugo rolling luggage drink holder brilliant or moronic? Vote below and share your thoughts in the comments. Oh, and if you need some help deciding how to cast your vote, there’s a video of the tugo for you below, as well.


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