Sculpture by the Sea in Sydney

I have never been to Sydney, and I won’t have a chance to go before an amazing art exhibition, Sculpture by the Sea, that is now up on the beach goes down, but if you’re there or can be there before November 20th, I recommend you check this out. Sculpture by the Sea is a temporary annual outdoor art exhibition. The exhibition features sculptures from artists around the world and they’re large, very large. Currently being held on the coastal walk from Bondi to Tamarama Beach in Sydney, the outdoor art show will only last until November 20th. So if you can catch it within the next week, do so! The show features, among other things, huge sunglasses, a sink faucet and knobs, and screws. These everyday items look quite different when blown up to this large size and the work these artists put into these pieces is nothing short of admirable. And with that I tell you, for the third time, check out this art on the beach if you are or will be in Sydney before November 20th.