Introducing Nick Dana, Gadling’s ocean race blogger

A critical part of putting together the right travel blog is in having the right kind of writers to inspire travel. At Gadling it’s always been my goal to have writers that love to travel first and that love writing and inspiring second. That’s why Kyle Ellison’s been on the road this fall sending dispatches from the 10 Days 10 States series or why I’ve been bouncing between Seoul and London and Libera and Chicago for the past few months. Spending time on the road is an important part of travel writing and it’s important that we lead by example.

Our featured bloggers Kent Wein and Heather Poole are great embedded travelers working at Gadling, delivering news on the industry from inside of the beast. And as part of that great culture of unique perspectives I’d like to introduce Nick Dana as our newest blogger embedded within the Volvo Ocean Race. As the only American sailor on team Abu Dhabi, Nick works as the Media Crew Member (MCM) onboard Azzam, the 70′ sailboat that will spend the next nine months racing around the world.

It’s already been a difficult start for team Abu Dhabi and there will be weeks of intense coverage and stories as the race pushes around the planet. Check back frequently for Nick’s dispatches and bookmark his coverage here.