You Fancy, Huh? Delta lures top travelers with Porsche transport program

If you’re a Delta Diamond member heading into ATL, you just might have a surprise waiting for you on the runway. Delta’s being secretive about the details, but they’re piloting a new program for their HVCs (High Value Customers), using a fleet of six Porsche vehicles to transport fliers to far-flung terminals or even to their cars.

Here’s how it works – you’ll get off the plane and find a Delta rep waiting with a sign, where you’ll be escorted to the car and whisked away to your destination – sometimes right off the jetway.
Why Porsche? The luxe car brand is moving their North American headquarters to a new location just adjacent to the terminal, and of course Delta’s hub is in Atlanta.

According to The Ticket Atlanta, Delta’s only comment has been on the Flier Talk Boards to state that the cars are part of their partnership with Porsche, they didn’t pay for the cars, and that the cars are for customers only – not executives.

What do you think? Smart move by Delta or a catering to the 1%?

[Flickr via SOCIALisBetter]